Why are they called fruit crisps or veggie crisps when I don’t see actual slices of dried fruits or vegetables?

Oh So Healthy!® crisps are made from all natural fruits and vegetables that are pureed, blended together and air baked, NOT fried. Moisture is removed using intense heat to achieve its unique crispiness that’s unlike any other dried fruits.  The texture on the crisps is the fiber of the fruits and vegetables.  We have deliberately designed our crisps to be yummy and crunchy in every bite!

What are the variants and pack sizes of Oh So Healthy!® Crisps?

Currently, we have the following variants (and sizes) available:  Mango +Sweet Potato + Banana (20g, 40g, 120g); Guava + Purple Yam + Banana (40g);Coconut + Purple Yam + Banana (40g), Jackfruit + Pineapple + Banana (20g, 40g),and Kimchi Crisps (20g, 50g, 120g).  We also recently launched Chocolate Dipped Mango Crisps (100g). 

Why is the bag of chips puffed up with air?

Chip manufacturers like us generally inflate the package with inert gas (e.g., nitrogen) to remove the oxygen and preserve the freshness of the product. This process is called “slack fill”. It also acts as a cushion to protect the crisps from damage during transit and handling from the manufacturing plant to the retail partner warehouses and/or physical stores so the consumers can enjoy the product to its fullest.  Note that the weight or grammage of our products are clearly indicated on our packaging.   

How long is the shelf life?

Our 20g packs can last up to 12 months the 40g and 50g packs up to 15 months, and the 120g pack up to 18 months.

Who manufactures Oh So Healthy!® Crisps?

Oh So Healthy!® Crisps are manufactured by Innovative Packaging Industry Corporation (IPIC).  Our company has been operating for almost 20 years as one of the top toll manufacturers for multinational companies in the Philippines. Oh So Healthy!® was introduced in October 2017 as our first venture into a company-owned brand.

Where are your products made?

Our products are proudly made in the Philippines in our FSSC22000 certified manufacturing plant.

Where do you source your raw materials?

Our ingredients are sourced in the Philippines in support of our local farmers.  The Philippines is known to have the sweetest mango, best banana and coconuts in the world – so our consumers are sure to get the best flavors from our crisps!

What are the product certifications of Oh So Healthy!® Crisps?

Our fruit crisps are Non-GMO Project certified by NSF International, and Halal certified by Philippine Islamic Da’ wah.

Why are Oh So Healthy!® Crisps a better snack alternative?

Oh So Healthy!® Crisps are made with only real and natural ingredients.

They are air baked, not fried,  low-calorie, gluten-free, cholesterol free and vegan friendly.

What other ways can Oh So Healthy!® Crisps be used aside from snacking?

Oh So Healthy!® Crisps can be enjoyed with your favorite ice cream, yogurt, cereals, and salads for that deliciously healthy extra texture and crunch. 

Where can I buy Oh So Healthy!® Crisps?

In the Philippines, Oh So Healthy!® Crisps are available in leading supermarkets, convenience stores and drugstores, select specialty retailers for gifts or pasalubong, thru our websitewww.imohsohealthy.com, and the major online selling.  We also have special offerings in selected partner hotels, restaurants and food outlets.

Can I find Oh So Healthy!® Crisps in other countries? Where are you currently distributed?

Yes, we are also currently shipping to Singapore and Japan.  In Singapore, Oh So Healthy!® Crisps can be found in leading retailers like Cold Storage, 7-Eleven, Amazon Prime, Watsons, Fair Price, Giant, Red Mart and Popular. In Japan, our crisps are available in some 7-Eleven outlets.